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March Madness: South Regional (real one)

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s...but anyways, on to my probably completely incorrect predictions

On to the south, what I'd say is the toughest bracket of them all.

South Regional

My sweet 16 teams in the south are Memphis, Michigan State, Stanford, and Texas. However, I think this one is wide open, as I could see any two of the top 6 seeds making the Elite 8.

  • Memphis looks to be a pretty solid pick. Mississippi State could give them trouble though. They've got a solid defense that will probably shut down Oregon, but I don't think they're athletic enough to hang with Memphis for a full 40 minutes.

  • I'm picking Michigan State mostly on personal bias over Pitt, and I'm not really sure who I think will win. The first round game for MSU will be closer than it should be most likely, but I think the Spartans will pull through. Pitt should easily handle Oral Roberts, setting up what I see as one of the best matchups of the entire tournament between MSU and Pitt. The Panthers are rolling now that Levance Fields is back, and they're coming off a Big East tournament championship win over GTown. The Spartans got Drew Neitzel back, so to speak, as he's played extremely well lately. If he stays hot MSU should handle Pitt. However, both teams play physical defense and sometimes MSU has trouble scoring. The Spartans are used to great defense in the Big Ten though, so we'll see how it all pans out. Like I said, could be one of the best games of the Tourny.

  • I'm not entirely comfortable picking Stanford either, but IMO the Lopez brothers will prove too dominant in that group of 4. Cornell in the first, a battle of two elite academic schools, could be interesting, but probably not. Kentucky has been good lately, and I wouldn't be surprised if they beat Marquette. However, without Patterson I don't know if they'll have enough inside presence. Definitely not enough if they make it to play Stanford, which is why I'm picking the Cardinal to win the group. Marquette doesn't have a dominant inside game either, so I think they'll beat Kentucky but lose to Stanford. I see some similarity between parts of Marquette's game and UCLA's, minus the Kevin Love part. Stanford had trouble with UCLA all year long, but the Bruins are one of the top 4 teams in the nation so that's to be expected. I wouldn't be overly surprised though if the Golden Eagles made it out over Stanford. So the bottom line? I have no idea who wins this group, but I like Stanford because of Brook Lopez. For the sake of decisiveness, I'll call Stanford to win it over Marquette.

  • Texas, on the other end of the bracket, also has a pretty easy road. I like St Mary's over Miami as my upset for the South. I haven't been impressed with Miami, and St Mary's was ranked for part of the season, a rarity in the WCC for teams other than Gonzaga. Texas has two of the most clutch players in the country in AJ Abrams and DJ Augustin, and I don't think the experience on that team will fall to an upset early on.

Memphis v Michigan State and Stanford v Texas. I would take any of these 4 teams to the Final Four this year, but unfortunately only one will get that honor. In a single elimination tournament it's all about getting hot and staying hot, so the inconsistancy of Michigan State could be a problem. However, I think Izzo can pull the team together and put up a nice run. Because I'm biased toward my Spartans, I'll go ahead and pick Texas to win the South, but I like State's odds. They like to play a faster game than the Big Ten has allowed, and Memphis would definitely play that style of game. Turnovers would be a concern, but I think they physical defensive play of the Spartans will be the deciding factor. Memphis doesn't shoot free throws well, and State fouls a lot if they game is called tightly, so I like that trade off. Texas could have some trouble dealing with Stanford's size, but I think their guard play will dominate anyway. If Marquette makes it instead, I like Texas' odds even more. This would set up a rematch of Texas v MSU. The Spartans won round one at a "neutral" site, which was basically a home game at the Palace. Same story in the Elite 8 except in Texas. The Longhorns will probably win that game, but I like MSU's chances. They won once and I think they could do it again. This may just be wishful thinking though, so I'll pick Texas for the Final Four.

Now I'll qualify all of that. If Pitt beat my Spartans, I like the Panthers to beat Memphis and possible beat Texas. Pitt and MSU are similar teams, so it's no surprise that either could make a Final Four run. Pitt's hot right now, but long conference tournament runs aren't always kind to teams. Syracuse comes to mind. However, Pitt's a better team by far so I don't think that'll play much of a role. Long story short, I like the winner of the Pitt/MSU game to the Elite 8, and probably the Final 4 if Texas isn't at the top of their game. The Spartans are a wild card this year. If they finally pull it together and play as well as they're capable of (refer back to the Indiana game if you're not sure what that looks like) they could surprise a lot of people and make a deep run. They have the talent, it's just time to put it all together. Never count out the Izzo factor to make that happen.
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March Madness: Midwest Regional

Part 2 of my picks for this year's Tournament

Midwest Regional

The 4 I like going to the sweet 16 from the Midwest are Kansas, Clemson, Wisconsin, and Georgetown.

  • Kansas is an obvious pick to win their first 2 game. I think Kent State will beat UNLV, but neither team can match up with Kansas. The Jayhawks should cruise to the round of 16.

  • Clemson played UNC close three times but never got a win. They've got a very balance scoring attack, and if Oglesby is hitting from 3 they can put up a lot of points. Nova could play them tight, but I think Clemson wins that game. Siena is my big upset pick for the Midwest. Vandy hasn't looked as good lately as they did early. Sure Shan Foster is amazing, but he doesn't shoot nearly as well away from home. I like Siena's chances in the first round, and they did beat Stanford (no Brook Lopez I believe, but still) early in the season. Clemson could win that group, but I'm not entirely sold on it. I just don't like Vandy's chances, so Clemson it is.

  • Wisconsin just simply plays great defense. I've watched them all season and they can score when they need to. They don't score a lot of points, but neither do their opponents. The best matchup of the 1st round in the Midwest is the K State/USC game. Beasley v Mayo is gonna be a great showdown of amazing freshman. USC is playing really well right now and I think they'll take down KSU. I then see the Badgers frustrating Mayo with their stifling D and moving on the Sweet 16.

  • Georgetown has an easy 1st game, but Davidson could give them trouble in round 2 should they beat Gonzaga, which I think they will. 10 over 7 isn't much of an upset, but still technically is. I'm not convinced that the Zags are that great this year, and Davidson hasn't lost a game in 2008. Maybe they're due for a loss, but I think the Wildcats will win one but lose to GTown. The Hoyas just have too much size and play great defense.

The Midwest sets up a showdown between Wisconsin and Georgetown. This would be an amazing game, as both teams have size and wonderful D. Flowers should be able to limit the 3 point threat from the Hoyas, leading the Badgers to victory.
Kansas should beat Clemson, or whatever other team they face in the Sweet 16. They're just too balanced and experienced. However, the Jayhawks have had some notorious choke jobs, so you never know. I do think they'll make it to an Elite 8 matchup with either Wisconsin or GTown.

I picked the Badgers, but I think either they or the Hoyas will beat Kansas. Kansas shoots very well and has a great assist to field goal ratio, but I think the strong D will beat the strong O. Badgers to the Final Four. I will be watching Davidson though. I'd be surprised if anything below a 5 seed made the Sweet 16 in the Midwest, but Davidson looks the best for Cinderella run. (as much as I hate the phrase, I'm not sure how better to say it).
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March Madness: East Regional

Here's my thoughts on this years NCAA tournament. I'll take the bracket one regional at time, starting with the East for now

East Regional

I like North Carolina, Notre Dame, Louisville, and Butler in the Sweet 16 from the East.

  • UNC is an obvious pick, with Indiana or Arkansas in the 2nd round. I think Arkansas will knock off Indiana in the 1st round. The Hoosiers are just not playing well right now. But either way, UNC should roll. I would like to see Indiana pull out a win though. Hansbrough against White would be a great matchup to watch.

  • Notre Dame as a 5 seed could fall prey to the yearly 12 seed upset, but I don't see it happening. Harangody and McAlarney should carry the Irish to the round of 16. Wazzoo is my first upset victim. Winthrop is a solid team that I think can shut down Washington State on defense. Notre Dame gets the win over Winthrop though.

  • Louisville has been hot at the end of the season, and that should continue into the Tourny. Oklahoma could very well fall to to St Joes, but I don't see either team beating Louisville. I will call St Joes in that game though.

  • And the sleeper in the East, IMO, is Butler. Sure Tennessee has been wonderful this year, but Butler at a 7 seed could make some noise. I see that being a great game in the 2nd round, assuming both teams make it there. (i have a hard time believing that won't happen). I like Butler for some reason though. Call it hunch I guess.

UNC v Notre Dame: Harangody against Hansbrough could be fun to watch. This should be a tight game, and I can see a whole lot of points being scored.  Two high power offenses.  Guess that means it'll come down to who plays better defense.
Louisville v Butler: I like the Cardinals. Not much more to it.

The Tar Heels go to the final four out of the East. The balance of Hansbrough inside and Lawson at point guard, combined with solid defense, should power them through. The bottom line is UNC is basically playing at home the whole way through, so they'll most likely win out. Watch out for Butler. They're the strongest 7 seed in a long while, and I wouldn't be overly surprised if they went even further than I think they will.

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Big Ten Tournament Predictions

The BTT starts today, so here's what I think before it all gets rolling.
Winners in bold.

Round One

Iowa vs Michigan
Minnesota vs Northwestern
Penn State vs Illinois


Wisconsin vs Iowa/Michigan
Michigan State vs Ohio State
Indiana vs Minnesota/Northwestern
Purdue vs Penn State/Illinois


Wisconsin vs Michigan State
Indiana vs Purdue


Wisconsin vs Purdue
No big upsets this year. Penn State could give Purdue some trouble, but the top 4 look pretty dominant compared to the other 7. Also, the Wisconsin/Michigan State/Ohio State half of the bracket is the most intriguing. Ohio State needs another win to solidify a spot in the NCAA tournament, Wisconsin won the regular season, and Michigan State has underperformed all season away from home. MSU has something to prove after losing on Sunday to OSU, and I think they'll come out strong on the road for the first time in a while. Wisconsin's defense matches up well against MSU, and Flowers did a wonderful job smothering Neitzel during the only meeting between the two teams earlier in the season. I went with Wisconsin because I think it's the safe bet for now. Actually, it's a toss up for me. I like whoever wins that game to win the whole thing. The wild card is going to be Indiana. If they can pull it back together after two embarrassing losses (@Penn State and the dismantling @MSU) and play some better defense, heck any defense, they could run the tables. I don't see that happening though. To be honest I can see them heading for a 1st round upset in the NCAA tournament. So I'll pick Wisconsin for now, but as always I'll be rooting hard for the Spartans. Let's bring home that automatic bid!
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